Our values

Our company values represent the core of who we are, our DNA – they give us a true north of how to behave towards our team mates, our customers, our clients and even our broader communities.

We ask each and every one of our staff members to stand by these values – firstly through their behaviour, and also through their team mates – call people out if they are not living by them, speak up for them, be a great ambassador. These values are our call to arms, and they need to be protected!


We are one connected team, sticking tight no matter what. We build an unbreakable wall of trust that values everyone’s contribution, no matter how big or small.

  • We are one connected team
  • We are accountable to each other and to our customers
  • We trust each other and deliver on our promises
  • We share open, honest feedback to help each other grow
  • We work with each other, not for each other
  • We take the time to understand, nurture and develop others
  • We win as a team, we lose as a team


We are never satisfied. We set our sights far beyond the next horizon – pushing every boundary, meeting every challenge and fearlessly striving for more.

  • We are ambitious and we fearlessly strive for more
  • We set our sights high, take considered risks and push the boundaries
  • We focus on the clear end goal and know that everyone’s contribution counts in getting us there
  • We know that every inch counts
  • We always, always act with integrity
  • We are never satisfied, constantly looking to the next horizon


We have the freedom to unleash our potential. We question the status quo and dare to chase audacious visions that many would not even dream of.

  • #F*ckFear
  • We are curious, always daring to question the status quo
  • We set audacious goals
  • We have the freedom to unleash our potential
  • We are empowered to make quick decisions and support others to do the same
  • We are constantly learning and exploring
  • We are resilient – if we fail we fail fast and quickly get up to try again
  • We show courage and determination even when the odds are against us


We have many outstanding individuals, but no one person is bigger than the team. We drop our ego at the door, showing empathy, charity and care for others.

  • We have many outstanding individuals, but no one person is bigger than the team
  • We drop our ego at the door
  • We listen and learn
  • We show empathy, charity and care for others
  • We appreciate the differences in people and the diversity of thinking they bring
  • We believe that character beats talent
  • We act with gratitude



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