Covid-19 Deep Clean & Rapid Response

Claim Central offers COVID-19 decontamination services across the Melbourne Metro and regional Victoria areas, as well as New South Wales for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Our COVID cleaning and decontamination service provides professional and specialised protection. Our services are not just targeted to prevent the virus. We offer proactive and reactive decontamination services, meaning that we have the capability to decontaminate a specific area in the instance of a confirmed case or when you want to make sure your property is deep cleaned as a preventative measure to ensure the health and safety of the public against the virus.

Claim Central follows Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) certified protocol for all COVID deep cleans, ensuring a hospital-grade deep cleaning process on all jobs. We recognise that all jobs are not the same and therefore offer a personalised approach including:

  • Documenting every step that we take for each job
  • Conducting a site risk assessment for each job to clean, sanitise and disinfect any area

Our Process

Our technicians are trained to handle emergencies and follow medical-grade standards operations. Our team also offers virtual inspections as an alternative to the first on-site inspection using our live video streaming platform, to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. During the virtual inspection, our team will be able to assess the area and provide a scope of works.

Why Claim Central

  • Minimise business downtime with faster results
  • GBAC certified
  • Medical grade cleaning
  • Safety first with virtual inspections
  • Experience across all types of commercial and industrial premises

To get the most thorough Covid cleaning and decontamination of your premises and get back to normal business operations faster, contact us for a quote:

Greg Johnson
0447 477 525


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