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Claim Central: 2020 AFR BOSS 7th Most Innovative

Claim Central Consolidated is thrilled to announce its inclusion on the prestigious 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list, recognizing the company’s dedication to innovation in Australia and New Zealand. This esteemed annual list, a collaboration between The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, undergoes a stringent evaluation process facilitated by Inventium, Australia’s foremost innovation consultancy, in tandem with a distinguished panel of industry experts.

Our achievement of ranking 7th in the Banking, Finance, and Superannuation categories is a testament to our commitment to innovation. We have emerged as a top innovator among more than 600 nominated organizations across Australia and New Zealand. The assessment focuses on innovations implemented within the past two years and evaluates various aspects:

  1. Problem Significance: We emphasize solving significant problems through our innovations, ensuring they address real and valuable issues in the industry.
  2. Solution Quality and Uniqueness: Our innovations stand out for their quality and uniqueness, showcasing our dedication to creating exceptional solutions.
  3. Impact: We pride ourselves on our innovations’ substantial impact on the industry, making a tangible difference.

Our inclusion on the 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list signifies our ongoing commitment to innovation and the impact we continue to make in the industry. We look forward to building on this success in the years to come.

#7: Claim Central 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies

Claim Central 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies

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