ANZIIF webinar – Managing claims in the post-covid world

Our Global Chief Executive Officer of Claim Central Consolidated,  Brian Siemsen, recently hosted an ANZIIF Webinar on the topic of ‘Managing Claims in the Post-COVID World’. 

Brian explains through the use of a case study, how businesses can successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis and how to ensure claims teams can thrive in the world of change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to be the modern-day extinction event for some insurance processes in the claims space – while other more agile, tech-focused players will inevitably take their place. The industry is truly at an inflection point in how we manage claims in this remotely connected world.

On the demand side of the market, insurers have faced an influx of activity, from general inquiries to claims across multiple different lines. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has required businesses to rapidly shift to remote working arrangements, prompting greater adoption of new technologies, and moving to cloud-based processes and systems.

The full webinar is accessible online for ANZIIF Members now ➡️

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