Kenneth Knoll named Insurance Business America Rising Star

Kenneth Knoll, Claim Central North America’s Managing Director and Head of Product, has been named as one of Insurance Business America’s Rising Stars 2020. 

The Rising Stars list, names the up-and-coming professionals aged 35 and below, who are on track to becoming tomorrow’s industry leaders.  Insurance Business America narrowed the list down to 85 of the most talented young individuals who have gone above and beyond in the field. The latest report features the industry innovators and entrepreneurs who have truly made a difference by creating great insurance products and applying their expertise and unique strategies to their businesses. 

Managing Director and Head of Product
Claim Central North America

Kenneth Knoll has a history of solving business problems through product innovation. He is a former investor, managing partner and COO of WeGoLook, where he led market strategy, product innovation and operations through multiple hyper-growth stages, including expansion from the US into Canada and the UK and positioning the company for a successful exit to a global TPA in 2017. Prior to joining Claim Central North America, Knoll was CEO and co-founder of Goose & Gander, an insurtech-focused consulting firm. He is also a partner and board member for BuildArray.

“A significant portion of insurtech adoption to date has occurred in non-claims-related use cases that require minimal operational adaptation,” Knoll says. “I believe that is beginning to change. As existing platform ecosystems and marketplaces mature, we’ll begin to see increased interoperability that improves access to a combination of technology and services that delivers the promise of improved claims handling efficiency and customer experience.”

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