LiveLogik’s new digital document signing feature

LiveLogik are excited to announce the latest feature to Concierge Web, digital document signing. This allows customers to sign legally binding documents in real-time.  

Key benefits:

  • Customer convenience: make it easy for your customers to sign documents instantly
  • Eliminate delays: remove bottlenecks and increase efficiencies by digitalising your document collection process
  • Multi-functional: can be used by multiple departments such as supply chain, HR and operations.

What customers are saying

I was able to look after my baby and sign the contracts through my phone – if I didn’t have this I would have had to run to a printer,  print the documents, sign them and send the back. It would have taken me a while to get this done. This is a great idea.”

“This was a really easy way to sign documents. It saved me a lot of time not having to run to a printer. Great idea.”


If you’re interested in learning more or would like a free trial, please reach us at or call +61 408 388 516

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