Showing gratitude at CCC

Last week the entire Claim Central Consolidated group hosted World Gratitude Day in our offices across the world and we are thankful for having such an amazing team.

Together, we make up a special company that is changing the future of work, moving forward shoulder to shoulder.

Our teams in Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Johannesburg, Auckland and Florida went above and beyond to let staff know how much they are appreciated. Small gestures such as leaving gifts and notes of gratitude around the office, buying staff their morning coffee, a lunchtime pizza and enjoying a morning tea cake were shared across our offices.

Head office in Sydney celebrated the day by putting up a gratitude tree where staff left a note of thanks for what they are most grateful for. Staff then got to their desks to find a sweet treat and note from the group CEO. At lunchtime, our managers put on a BBQ for staff, taking the time out of their busy days to show colleagues how thankful they are for all the work they do. 

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