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VIaaS (Virtual Inspections as a Service)

Claim Central Consolidated (CCC) expands its Virtual Inspection as a Service (VIaaS) offering to meet COVID-19 demand from insurers.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing insurers to rethink how claims are assessed. With many already moving to a remote virtual inspection model and many more expected to follow, insurers are urgently addressing the need to keep policyholders and the wider community safe by avoiding face to face contact at claim time.

Due to overwhelming demand, CCC is expanding its virtual inspection team as part of its tried and tested Virtual Inspections as a Service (VIaaS) offering to increase remote inspection and assessment capacity.

What is VIaaS (Virtual Inspections as a Service)?

VIaaS involves CCC’s remote desktop assessors connecting directly with policyholders to inspect and assess their claims using our live video streaming and collaboration platform LiveLogik. VIaaS meets every insurer’s need to ensure the safety of all stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic by removing the need for physical site attendance.

VIaaS provides three modular options for insurers:

  • Option 1: LiveLogik platform only, using your own assessing network
  • Option 2: LiveLogik platform plus live video inspection service
  • Option 3: LiveLogik platform plus live video inspection, estimate and report services
  • Insurers are also able to plug into CCC’s property and motor repair services post-assessment, for an end-to-end assess and repair solution.

VIaaS is available to existing CCC insurance clients to transfer their claims over to the remote model, as well as to new clients who require a plug and play solution with minimal setup time.

VIaaS is being used for property, motor, cyber and business SME claims assessments. It is also generating significant interest in other verticals such as government (self-isolation management), real estate (property inspections) and trades & builders (remote quoting).

What makes VIaaS different?

  • VIaaS is a tried-and-tested offering while others in the market are still in testing and setup phase – the infrastructure is in place, we are simply expanding and scaling to meet the growing demand.
  • The LiveLogik platform is the most feature-rich video streaming and collaboration platform available, with features including instant payments, document signing, drone integration, customised reporting, geolocation tracking, API integration and much more.
  • VIaaS offers modular and flexible options so insurers can choose the most appropriate application for their business.
  • Insurers can plug into CCC’s property and motor repair offering for an end-to-end assess and repair solution – a one-stop-shop that streamlines the process and reduces hand-offs.


Benefits for insurers and brokers

  • Increase assessing/inspection capacity – get more inspections done faster.
  • Reduce the health and safety risks to insurers, brokers, customers and assessors by avoiding face to face contact.
  • Reduce the potential risk of significant business interruption if the government deems assessing a non-essential service and there is a complete lockdown.
  • Not knowing when social distancing restrictions will be relaxed, VIaaS provides a solution that can help insurers scale operations to meet changing demand influenced by government directives, customer behaviours or catastrophic weather events.
  • Fast setup to give insurers an agile response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supply chain – share, connect and map jobs to suppliers that are COVID-19-aligned.
  • Make policyholders more comfortable by avoiding face to face inspections while creating a more connected claim experience.

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