Aviso Group to adopt digital claims management solution to provide brokers with real control over the claims process

Aviso Group

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, (Sydney, AEST):
Pioneers of digital claims management and live video streaming across the Asia Pacific, Claim Central Consolidated (CCC), today announced Australia’s leading broking group, Aviso, will adopt ClaimLogik to digitalise the claims process for their broker network and clients.

Claim Central Consolidated Chief Executive Officer, Brian Siemsen, said: “We are excited to be onboarding our ClaimLogik technology into the Aviso Group.

“By providing complete transparency and full line of sight for all parties in a claim, we are redefining the claims process for Aviso. This will lead to a more informed claims process for brokers, and a better service experience for their clients,” Mr Siemsen said.

Aviso Group Chairman, Barry Fitzpatrick, said: “In a world where businesses are constantly reviewing how to remain relevant to their client base and improve customer experience, an insurance claim is a great opportunity for a broker to demonstrate how they add value to their clients.

“The innovative ClaimLogik solution will provide our broker network with a framework to have real control over the claims process, enabling them to better manage claims for their clients,” Mr Fitzpatrick concluded.

The platform enables insurers, brokers and policyholders to connect with a supply chain of assessors, insurance builders and emergency services – in a logical sequence of automated activity on one platform. It produces information and data which creates a continuous loop of improvement on claims cost, claims handling, quality of repair and customer service.