World-first digital claims management solution to transform the insurance industry

Monday 3 April 2017: In a world-first, from today insurers can now use a single digital claims management platform to connect and manage all stakeholders in a claim, improving operational efficiency and their policyholders’ experience.

For the first time, the new ClaimLogik solution enables insurers, brokers and policyholders to connect with a supply chain of assessors, insurance builders and emergency services – in a logical sequence of claim activity on one platform.

The ClaimLogik platform is completely transparent – simplifying the claims process and reducing operational cost and lifecycle, while significantly improving the claims experience for policyholders. It also provides real-time data to see and manage risks as they occur across the supply chain, enabling better business decisions for insurers.

Brian Siemsen, Chief Executive Officer, ClaimLogik, said the idea for the solution came about from pure frustration at using the traditional claim service model, and the need to address the issues associated with it.

“The 150-year-old claim service model was never designed with the customer in mind. It is extremely slow, expensive to manage, has minimal digitalisation and a complete lack of transparency around a claim. This results in delays and a poor experience for the policyholder.

“ClaimLogik is a paradigm shift in customer management. When you connect all stakeholders in one collaborative platform, it produces a far greater result for insurers. The platform produces information and data in a meaningful way, which creates a continual improvement loop on claims cost, claims handling, quality of repair and customer service,” he said.

Some of the key features of ClaimLogik’s digital claims management solution allow insurers to:

  • Use the all-in-one restoration module to manage the entire restoration process
  • Set up emergency assistance auto notifications for trades
  • Create automated assessment report templates for quicker submission and claim decisions
  • Build and manage a robust supply chain with digital contracts for business as usual and catastrophic
  • events
  • Leverage the competitive tendering platform to reduce costs